Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slippery Slope-2009 Adventure #9

A few weeks ago I went skiing for the first time and though I can’t say that I’m headed to the Winter Olympics, I can say I received a mighty revelation that day. I was a bit disappointed because I was the first one out of the group of seven to turn in my ski shoes due to unbearable pain in my right knee. I decided to throw back on my boots and go watch my friends and; cousin have fun in the snow. I must admit, my disappointment faded a bit when I saw one of my friends on the ground at the bottom of a small slope. Shortly after my friend fell, she joined me on the sidelines.

When the one hour lesson ended we had lunch, and four of the remaining five must have drank a cup of “courage juice” because they decided to take the ski lift to the top of a huge hill. One of my other friends joined the cheerleading group as she refused to take that journey with them. Patiently the three of us waited at the bottom of the hill with cameras in hand. We waited and waited, but they didn’t come down. That’s when the revelation started to form. We were at the bottom of the hill laughing because we realized that they had got all the way up to the top and looked down with fear. We joked about them being up there trying to figure out who would be the first one to come tumbling down. All of a sudden, we see our girl skiing just like the instructor had taught her, but she must have missed the lesson on avoiding a fall. She fell, got back up, fell again, and then stayed down. Next thing we know, one of the males came down like a knight in shining armor on a white ski to rescue the damsel in distress. A few minutes later I saw my cousin on her way down then I literally saw her down! She too had taken the one way ticket to the top of the hill without thinking about the slippery slope she would have to come down. Watching this at the bottom was hilarious and scary at the same time. I wanted to go run up the hill and help them, but that would have caused a comedy show in itself.

My first ski trip was a memorable one, as it was fun and spiritually enlightening. The lesson learned was sometimes we have family and friends that we see walking into a situation that is more than they can handle or leading them into a series of sins. Are we to just stand by the sidelines and cheer them on as they head for danger? Sistah, it is our duty to rebuke a slippery slope type situation before they tumble down! Jesus told the disciples, “if your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.” (Luke 17:3) Let us be bold and talk to them about the situation in love rebuking the devil and his attempts. In addition, let us get on our knees and pray for them no matter how unbearable the pain.


Miss Mika said...

That is a very enlightening observation you've had from that event sis. I would have never thought about it like that, but it certainly does make sense now that you've brought it to my attention. I think as friends, family members, ect ect, sometimes it is best to let people find their own way from time to time. Sometimes what we see as scary may not be so much to the next person. But for those instances where we KNOW a mistake is going to be made, it is certainly our responsibility as children of God to intervene and minister.

Great post sis!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u big baller - enjoy

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