Monday, February 25, 2008

Hear the Truth or Listen to a Lie????

Today I had a disagreement with a teenager that I am currently leading. I spoke something that the bible would back me up on 100%, but she got upset. Now my position is that I am here to help her and that I would be doing her injustice if I don't keep it real with her even when the truth hurts. Heated words were spread in the atmosphere, but later we were able to talk about everything in a more calm manner. During our calm conversation I asked her if she wanted me to keep it real with her or not. She informed me that she did want me to keep it real, but she doesn't wanna hear it all the time. I informed her that I didn't expect her to feel everything I said, but I have to say it anyway so that she can pull it out of her book of wisdom in the future.

This situation caused me to start thinking about truth verses a lie. I was thinking about how some people would rather be around folks who tell them a lie or simply don't keep it real with them than someone who will be honest with them in love. I mean they'd rather listen to someone lie to them about how it's okay to lie, cheat, steal, misuse and abuse others, but get upset when someone tells them that stealing makes them a thief, lying makes them a liar, and not reciprocating makes them a user. It's like some of us prefer to listen to lies than hear the truth!

I decided to get some feedback from my peoples, so I sent out about 35 text messages asking different people of different ages, race, and gender the question at hand. "Is it better to hear the truth or listen to a lie?" I wanted to share some of the feedback with you.....

"What's wrong with the truth"-34 year old female
"Always better to hear the truth man, but it's easier to tell and listen to a lie"-35 year old male
"Hear the truth even when it hurts"-34 year old female & 35 year old female
'I think it's best to hear both cause even in a lie there is truth about their character"-31 year old female
"The truth and nothing but the truth"-30 year old female
"Hear the truth and a lie if you are scared of the truth"-18 year old male
"I believe the truth but you must be ready for it"-35 year old female
"Hear the truth, but it doesn't mean i will follow it"-30 year old female

So what do you think?????? Is it better to hear the truth or listen to a lie???

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby minus the Sex

So I was watching Tyra Banks the other day and there was a young lady on there who had shopped for a sperm donor because she needed to get pregnant per her doctor. She was not married and did not have a boyfriend so she decided to go to a sperm bank so she could find a donor to go half on a baby with her.

I've thought about this as an option before, but I never seriously looked into it. However, I've always wondered is it a sin? Is it a sin to make a baby minus sex?????????